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An unprecedented global online hackathon bringing together... 

The brightest minds in the fields of medicine and artificial intelligence to stimulate the prospect of new and novel ideas to combat Covid-19, over the space of a week.
First Aid

500 Health experts

Yellow Robot

500 Data scientists

White Tablet

Real time Covid-19 global health data

...To help tackle Covid-19



Form online teams with other participants who have complimentary skills


Teams will use the global digital Covid-19 data to figure out ways to help tackle Covid-19 either from a medical or logistical perspective


Winning teams will receive a monetary prize to help develop their idea in conjunction with Mindstream-AI

Eligibility and logistics

Dates and timings

First mandatory webinar: 7th April 

7th - 13th April: Post your projects online, form teams and get set up

14th - 19th April: Hackathon and results (hackathon is not full time, so you will be able to work on your project in your own time)


Whether you work or study in the area of health, medicine, AI or data science or do not fit one of these categories but are willing to be part of a team to combat Covid-19, you are welcome to participate in the hackathon.

The Hackathon will follow the following themes:

  • Train AI models for better diagnosis

  • Identification of best indicators of disease severity

  • Find most common mutations as indicator of pathogen mutability

  • Identification of best vaccine-potential regions in proteins

  • Disease progression and what people with low/ or significant health impacts have in common

  • Modelling viral infection in the human body

  • Model country epidemic data

  • Model economic impact in countries

Logistics and prizes

Using state of the art online tools, the entire hackathon will take place online, from the comfort of your desktop.

Winning teams will be given a monetary award to help develop their idea in conjunction with Mindstream-AI.


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